Mom at her easel

  My mother Kathleen Delores (Mc Cullough) Terry was a very talented woman with many skills. I knew she painted but had not really taken much notice until my brother offered me one of her paintings. On viewing them with a more careful eye I find them to be quite good, complex and with feeling. I am sure she would not appreciate her photo being shown here with curlers but then again she was not a vain woman and I have no other photos of her working. She was naturally beautiful, curlers or not.

I am not sure how old she was when she took up painting but I think it was after I was long gone from the household. If I come across any more of her paintings I will add them to the few that I have. I would be delighted if my brother and sisters would add information about mom and her painting.

She was a great cook - could literally make a delicious meal out of nothing. She could sew so fast that I would wake up in the morning to go to school and she would offer me a choice of two or three shirts she had sewn after I went to sleep. I will add more about my mom later.

Birch Tree

  The colors indicate that this is a painting to catch the light in the trees in the fall of the year. I have no other information on the source or location. I think my mother took art lessons at some point and this may be an effort from a class.

Stream in the woods

  The stream in the woods appears to be also in the fall but the evergreen trees gives a different look to the landscape and are in contrast to the trees that have already lost most of their leaves. The underbrush also indicates a time earlier in the day but late in the year. There are background elements that suggest more trees of a deeper shade. Delicate clouds appear almost misty and there might actually be a mountain in the distance. You can see the reflection in the water of both the trees and the underbrush. The water is nicely done.

Buggy Going Home

  I know from a few comments I've heard that this painting was special to her and she in fact painted several copies. Going home meant something special to her.

Lake With A Barn - A Water Wheel?

  Looking at this closely I think this is a painting of a water wheel that produces the power for grinding grain or sawing logs. It could also be used to generate electrcity but I doubt that is the case here.

Ocean Cottage

  I was told that the figure sitting in the shade of the cottage was my father. They both loved the sea and would often visit Dillon beach. They took my wife, my infant son and I there and rented a small cabin. It rained most of the time but we had fun playing cards. In fact they liked it so well they bought a small camper and unloaded it from the pickup truck and left it there so they could return as often as they wanted. My dad made three sail boats and raced them in Folsom Lake. Don't know if he ever sailed on the sea.

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