art Our Cottage by the Sea was inspired during a glorious trip to Ireland with friends. The small cottages that are situated in sheltered nooks with views of the Atlantic Ocean along the rugged coast of County Kerry, Ireland create an illusion of snugness that fosters an urge to nest. One man told me that the ever-changing view through his cottage window was of more interest to him than his television. A view that never failed to delight him. I also have that feeling.

Music: The Cliffs of Moher

Our Cottage by the Sea

If you are looking for me
That's where I'll be
At the cottage by the sea
If the bicycle is not leaning against the wall
Well then, I am not there at all
Of course I could be out walking the water’s edge
Or up contemplating the views from an overhanging ledge
Sometimes though, I like to sit by the kindled fire
Amused by thoughts of things I used to desire
But friends and friendships are the most meaningful of all
Happily, with the modern telephone, I can always give them a call

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