art A pub is there, just over that bridge and "Trad Music Tonight" is advertised in the window.
The painting is from County Mayo, a romantic place. Our favorite entertainment in Ireland is
the traditional music played in the pubs for the pure joy of playing it. Harder and harder
to find but still the best.

Music: The Old Rambler

Pub by the Bridge

I'll meet you tonight by the bridge at half-nine
I'm sure it will all work out fine
We'll listen to music and forget your sorrows
A sip of this or that and we will plan our tomorrows

You know music gladdens the heart
Tomorrow we will have a fresh start
Just enjoy yourself this night
Tomorrow I will make it all right

Intimate lovers come here to meet
The publican is very discreet
Even enemies casually greet
It is a sanctuary, a retreat

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