art Horse Race at Balinrobe depicts the horses at a country track just outside the village of Balinrobe. We wound up there after a long trip from Wicklow. We wanted to attend a horse race before we returned and this was the only one we could attend based on the departure of our plane. It was a beautiful day with some brilliant clouds rising in the western sky. As we started to pull away from the curb on the drive out to the track, the woman who ran the B&B knocked on the top of our car and got our attention. She said to place a large bet on a horse the name of which she couldn't quite remember but it was something like rock or lock. She had just received a call from Dublin from a reliable source and not to miss this opportunity. In about the seventh race we saw a horse on the list with a similar name and after discussing it for a while we went to look at the horse and wouldn't you know but it was limping. After some more discussion we placed a 20 Euro note to win on the horse. Our logic was a bit suspect but it went something like this - How often are we going to get a tip from Dublin? Well it ran like the wind and rewarded us with 105 Euro. Too bad we didn't bet more. We returned about midnight from a glorious meal at the Sopranos. Shortly thereafter our informant knocked on the door. She wanted to know if we bet on the horse and was delighted to hear that we had. She said she and her husband had also placed their bets at the bookie shop in the village and did very well indeed. It was a very pleasant experience. Being a winner always helps.
Music: The Old Rambler

Horse Race at Balinrobe

Sitting in the Dublin airport
We wondered can we make the Balinrobe Races
Well just for the sport
We put the rental through its paces
We arrived in plenty of time
With a tip from Dublin which was just sublime
At the races we were just plain rookies
We placed our bets with the colorful bookies
We watched our horse limp to the gate
As to the tip there was now much debate
Then they were off, thundering down the track
It was too late to get our money back
With a mere lap to go our horse was moving through the pack
Afer the race we went to the bookies stand with a big paper sack

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