art The Kilarney Races were something that we wanted to experience in Ireland.
Actually we didn't care where the races were held and Kilarney was the only meet that was on while we were in the vicinity. We hadn't been to Kilarney since 1996 however we had been there before in 1980. Needless to say the village and the area have changed dramatically. The horse races were a great way to spend a little time and money as the atmosphere was highly charged. We met some wonderful people and learned a lot about horse races. To be truthful though I think it will take many trips to learn enough to win consistently - right! As we were walking in the gate they were selling chances on an SUV. I declined because - well I didn't want to get into a big discussion about where I would need the steering wheel placed. I did ask the gentleman if he had any tips. I told him if I won on his tip I'd come back and buy a ticket. I was a few yards passed him when he said "First race put your money on the jockey" and he mentioned a name. By the time I got to the bookies the race was on and I asked if I could still place a bet. "Go lightly" was the response and I gave him 5 euro. A few minutes later I was back almost apologetically collecting. Of course I now had to go buy a ticket. I did but unfortunately the tipster had gone off somewhere.

Music: The Wearin' Of The Green

The Kilarney Races 2004

The horse races in Kilarney were loads of fun
Started the day under blue skies and an afternoon sun
And we were winning as our luck had a healthy run
Clouds formed over the racing park
And the loses were mounting with the coming dark
In the end though it was an inexpensive lark

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